Living small

I’ve looked at the concept of living in a small space for a while now. Some people look at my goal of living in a tiny home as a craze that I would end up hating, but I think it would be an adventure.

We recently connected with a family who lives in a 320 square-foot house in northwest Arkansas. I really love everything they’ve done with their tiny home, and I think it’s a realistic way of life. The key that you will see in their video below is that they live mortgage free. The bottom line for my curiosity in this possible future venture is living without the burden of a mortgage. Think how much money you could save and put toward other things in life if you only had property tax — or a rental spot for a tiny home that is mobile.

Another possible idea I’m including in my research is the idea of owning a shipping container home. Using a 4o-foot shipping container as a home not only provides a small space, but it also allows the opportunity to recycle.

A shipping container home can be converted into a living space. Notice how they’re also opting to include solar panels.

It will likely be a year or so before we are able to convert to a new type of abode since my wife in school, and we’re still transitioning from our time in Chile — but it’s certainly something I’m researching.

I’ve gone a little crazy on Pinterest; you’re invited to view the cool tiny homes I’ve repinned.


2 thoughts on “Living small”

  1. Another very nice tiny home. I would like to use solar panels as well; with such a tiny space, the utility costs would be very minimal anyway.

    I’m ready to downsize and create one of these quaint abodes.

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